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Western Governors University—the nation’s only competency-based, accredited, online university—is a great place to work. The university looks for leaders with a strong commitment to our mission of expanding access to higher education. We also actively engage in recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce and student body that includes members of historically underrepresented groups.

As an equal opportunity employer, WGU recognizes that our strength lies in our people.
We are committed to diversity.

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Why create a profile?

A profile allows you to submit your resume to WGU, even when no position is currently available.  The resume is then kept in a database that can be proactively searched by the recruiters.  To create a profile without applying to a specific job click on the following link: Submit your resume

What is a Job Agent?

The job agent will allow you to enter in your job criteria and then have newly posted jobs that meet the criteria sent directly to your inbox.